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We Are the California Teachers Association

CTA is 310,000 educators across the state of California. We are powerful and passionate advocates for students and public education. 

Whether we’re preparing to join the profession, in our first few years, 一位资深教育家, 或退休, we never stop being educators. 

Our members include teachers, 辅导员, 心理学家, 图书馆员, Education Support Professionals, 学校护士, higher education faculty and staff, students preparing to join the profession and retired educators.

We have more than 1,100 local chapters in school districts throughout California. 亚洲顶级彩票游戏是CTA.


Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. 这太神奇了?

For CTA, celebrating and advocating for teachers is what we do best. We understand that you can’t put students first if you put teachers last. Through special celebrations like 教师节,亚洲顶级彩票游戏的 加州教育家 杂志,对亚洲顶级彩票游戏 会议 focused on teaching and learning, to advocating for better teaching conditions, we create as many opportunities as we can to center the voices of teachers. 

Education Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals meet the needs of the whole student by keeping them healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged. ESPs are 学校辅导员, 护士, 非专业人员, 办公室工作人员, 图书馆员, 教练, 公共汽车司机, custodians and maintenance staff in our schools.

Higher Education Faculty & 工作人员

Community College Association is a statewide affiliate of CTA, representing members working in 72 community college districts and 112 community colleges in California. CCA成员 达到2.8 million students in the California community college system, and 73% of all students enrolled in California higher education. 


An active and robust branch of CTA belongs to our retired educators. CTA / NEA-Retired members provide a strong voice for education retirees in California, promoting the interest of retirees by working to set policy that will affect current educators into the future. 

Aspiring Educators, 学生CTA

Student California Teachers Association is for anyone aspiring to be a teacher, 学校图书馆员, 社会工作者, 学校心理学家, school nurse or college faculty member. 学生CTA serves as the collective voice for aspiring educators and advocates for what we believe to be fair and just, not only for ourselves, but for our future students.

Student Support Services Professionals

Student Support Services Professionals include 学校护士, 心理学家, 图书馆员, 学校辅导员, 社会工作者s and speech pathologists. SSS Professionals work with classroom teachers and ESPs to provide resources and strategies, and develop learning climates to provide student safety, 社会, emotional well-being and intellectual support of academic and life goals. 

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When educators and allies raise our voices together, anything is possible. This is how we win the public education every student deserves.


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